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Натали Юра – Natali Yura Fall 4 u

Натали Юра – Natali Yura Fall 4 u
It’s an electro-pop song with a chittering beat, drifts of synthesizers and breathy vocals that Yura sings
produced by the legendary, Grammy Award-winning Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins
Jerkins  Says “I had a great time working with Natali. I know she can be a breakout pop star,”.
Natali Yura says about the song: “Whether in love or in life, we should always listen to and embrace our feelings because they are our very essence. I wanted to make a song that was unapologetic about the emotions you experience when you are falling in love, but this feeling of surrender can be about anything. Don’t let insecurities and other people’s opinions influence you – we must believe in ourselves and follow our hearts in order to find our happiness.” - Натали Юра

Fall For U by Natali Yura - Натали Юра

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Created by: natali Yura
Created on: 19 Nov 2020
Language: English

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