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Tune In

GigaDial is a collection of stations to which you can subscribe using ipodder software programs that download audio directly to an mp3 player.

A few examples of this class of software are: iPodder, iPodderX, Jaeger and dopplerradio.

Here is the list of available stations. You can navigate to it from anywhere on the site from the "tune in" link at the upper right.

When you find a station you like, subscribe to it in your ipodder by copying the station feed URL, linked from the white on orange XML button White on orange XML button at the top of the page.


GigaDial lets you add one podcast at a time. One way to use GigaDial is to set up an "Inbox" station for sampling programs from different sources before deciding which to subscribe to. You can add podcasts to your Inbox from anywhere on the Internet. Get started by creating your station here.

Once you've created a station, you'll be redirected to select podcast episodes to add to it from the podcasters section.

Invite your friends

GigaDial stations can be configured by their owner to allow additions from registered users or the public at large. This means you can invite your friends to recommend podcasts by pushing them into your "GigaDial inbox".

You can view and configure your stations from here.


Find a particularly good podcast in your Inbox? Create a Recommendations station and then copy the listing from your Inbox!