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Scott's Directories

Scott's Directories
Scott’s Directories is a top provider of business data and lead generating solutions for the B2B community in North America. It was launched in 1957 with the purpose of arming various businesses with accurate, updated and detailed data of their consumers. Since then, it has been highly successful in providing complete solutions for data requirements of various organizations, pertaining to a wide range of industries.
Visit website: https://www.scottsdirectories.com/

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Created by: Scott's Directories
Created on: 27 Jan 2020
Language: English

Add this to another station Scott's Directories - Gain the Power to Succeed (1.89MB; download) -- Get a fresh approach to the little things that make a big difference in your success in sales. Paul Stuckey and Lindsay Rodgers, executives at Scott's Directories speak about how to be successful in sales and make a difference in your organization. Tune in and watch. View our website: https://www.scottsdirectories.com
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Add this to another station Grow Your Business in Challenging Economic Times (1.02MB; download) -- Success in sales is often a matter of starting with qualified leads...and that's where Scott's Directories can help. Since 1957, Scott's Directories has delivered accurate contact information and in-depth company profiles that sales and marketing professionals have come to trust. Companies of all sizes - looking to make more sales by way of fresh new leads - have come to know Scott's as their best source for quality business data to grow their customer base and increase profits. Today our mission continues - delivering valuable business intelligence critical to your sales success. And, we're bringing the same expertise and excellence to our NEW fully integrated database-marketing solutions to help you identify, reach and engage your target audiences in more meaningful ways. Visit our website: https://www.scottsdirectories.com/
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Add this to another station Sales And Marketing Leads From Scott's Directories (1.23MB; download) -- David Gillan Speaks about how Scott's Directories has helped to achieve business goals and why leads are important for him and his company TE Wealth Management. All Scott's company records are confirmed, revised, and edited annually for the highest possible level of accuracy. We take pride in knowing that our data has helped countless individuals and organizations achieve their goals year after year. We strive to continue to deliver the highest quality data available on the market today. Visit our website: https://www.scottsdirectories.com/
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