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Majestic Cleaning Pros

Majestic Cleaning Pros
The most difficult thing to do when you are moving out of a home you’ve rented is the task of doing an adequate and thorough task of finishing the cleaning at the end of your lease. If you don’t get it done to standard, the results can be very expensive.

For you to get an understanding of what to do in the event of cleaning up at the end of your lease Here are the basic checklists you should take note of.

1. Outside
Cut your lawn, mow it and trim out the weeds that are growing in your garden.
Clean out your garage and ensure there is nothing left.

2. Living Room
Clean heater vents and dust.
Check for any damage to the walls like scratches, cracks, or dents.
If your carpet has staining, be sure to eliminate the stains by calling professionals for carpet cleaning.

3. Kitchen
Clean out ovens, sinks, and refrigerators, as well as dishwashing machines and exhaust fans too.
Clean up any grease staining on countertops. Clean them up with disinfectant.
Clean the insides of shelves, drawers, etc.

4. Bathroom
Vacuum to remove dust and hairs.
Clean out the interior of the bathroom drawers.
Make sure that the mirrors are clean and free of streaks.
Cleanse your tub, toilet, and shower floor countertops, sinks, and other surfaces using a disinfectant.
Clean the vents.

Majestic Cleaning Pros helps you for a hassle-free and affordable end of lease cleaning. Contact us today.

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Created by: majestic cleaning
Created on: 30 Jun 2022
Language: English

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